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Stationary VS Stationery

Monique Garcia

There has been a battle brewing in the wedding and events industry that some of you might not know about. It is something that has been seen by some as a common mistake and a major faux pas by others. So much so that memes and products have popped up addressing the issue.

Do I have you at the edge of your seat? Are you dying to know what I'm talking about? I'll give you a clue below...

This great pillow created by Elizabeth at Pomp Creative can be purchased on her ETSY Shop. Click the image to purchase now.

This great pillow created by Elizabeth at Pomp Creative can be purchased on her ETSY Shop. Click the image to purchase now.

That's right. The issue that has been plaguing countless Facebook Groups and subjects of frustration amongst vendors has been how the word stationary/stationery is written when used in the context of invitations and paper goods. Just in case you don't know, stationary is when someone or something is completely still; not moving. Stationery is used to describe products used for writing such as paper, pens, pencils, and ink. It has actually gotten some folks pretty upset when one mistakenly uses stationary instead of stationery.

You may be reading this and thinking, "These people are nuts for being offended that I mistakenly misspelled the word. It's a common and honest mistake." Well, I mean wouldn't you be slightly peeved if someone misspelled your name? Truth be told, I made this mistake in our business within our first year. Needless to say after I began to learn more about this industry and what a privilege it was to create these treasured paper goods, I quickly made the change to the correct spelling of my occupation.

Any who, for those of you passing through and thinking this is silly, here's some expert food for thought.  If not, just remember recheck that spelling before you send that email or social media status. 


Monique Garcia

As I sit here in our little studio answering emails and finishing up for the day, I just felt the need to jump on here and, I guess, give you a life update. Looking back, it has been a bit since I've done so. Like, let's talk about how I haven't really written up a personal post since JULY of Last Year!!

😅 Yup....

Well, since then, we participated in two bridal shows at the Thalatta Estate & The Rusty Pelican. There were so many wonderful folks to meet and other wedding vendors too. We got to sort of cozy into our house (although Rome is still being built, people, make no mistake) and got to celebrate a milestone both in our age and our marriage. That's right, Gus and I both turned 30 and celebrated 5 amazing years together as husband and wife. We were so excited about this we made a last minute decision to fly out to Las Vegas and enjoy some time in the city of many Elvis impersonators. We also decided to capture the moment with the help of Sonju Photography. You can check out the full momentous, Star Wars filled day here. After the holidays, we stepped up our game and helped put together two workshops for entrepreneurs/creatives through our Miami Chapter of Tuesdays Together. Ooh, and also participated in a great little chat with some fellow wedding vendors over at Brides of Florida. There was a huge step taken towards serving at our church on both our ends. Gus is now volunteering with security (#fearthebeard) and I'm singing with our band. 

I really gave you the cliff notes version of the past few months, but that's it in a nutshell. God is good all the time, people. Whether you believe in Him or think He's just a fairy tale character from days of old. There have been so many opportunities and blessings that I've seen happen in these past months (not just with Gus and I). There is no way we could have planned any of it and it turned out as perfectly as it has. 

Proof you say? Is it photos you want? Even if you don't, I'll share a small gallery down below with some of our favorite shots from this past season.